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In three years school will develop reading habits of 70 percent of its student by taking up compulsory Newspaper reading and Library books reading periods. It will also ensure development of calm minds by observing meditation and Yoga exercises.

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At Sanskar World School, we offer innovative and refreshing new approach to education that combines contemporary learning techniques and principles with a balance of modern methods including experiential learning methods along with technological tools for personal development, spiritual growth and developing social conscience. We are open for all young budding learners irrespective of caste, creed, race, religion or gender.


  • "An upcoming school with great future prospects. Good luck."

    - Duhita Parmar,

  • "Best school of the world"

    - Aksh Singh

  • "The sweetest school ever seen by me."

    - Mohit Vashishtha


Virtual Tour to South - Students of class III were given a taste of food and life style of southern states of India by an activity of Virtual Tour-The classroom was arranged in a form of dining area & students have brought South Indian special food.

Traffic rules awareness programme conducted by the Regional Transport Authority. Students of classes VI-XII were given a presentation by trainers from transport department on the safety rules one must abide by while driving and ensure that children understand the need of correcting attitude and behaviour of those around them to ensure safety at all times.

Gandhi Jayanti Celebration- Sanskar World School students were invited by Ministry of Environment and UNDP for participation in Global Wildlife Conference and Gandhi Jayanti celebration at Zoological Park.

Students were given special karate session to instill value of self control and sensitize them to the need to learn self defence exercises. Through Karate classes, our aim is to bring the benefits of the karate training to as many children as possible, helping them to build their self-confidence and emotional skills so they have the chance to reach their full potential in everything they do.


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Students of class I,II and III took part in Handprint competition where students participated enthusiastically and on the basis of neatness, space between words, formation of letters, speed and accuracy while writing they were awarded certificates of appreciation.

Tiny tots of class Nursery & Prep along with some representatives of class 1 & 2 took part in save girl child rally organized & conducted in school campus.


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Getting right school is all about finding the right culture & environment for a child.

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Teachers As Leaders

I remember my days as student and always wonder how come my teachers made me do what I did in those days despite me hating all those with all my heart. I hated Math but managed satisfactory performance in the subject. I hated my SUPW periods and today when I look back I find myself recalling most of the skills acquired in that class as if coming naturally to me. I hated running around, doing yoga or taking part in co-curricular activities like public speaking, but I did and I faired quite well. Big question that arises then is- How? Why? I was able to do not only all those then, but also till today.


The Perfect Platform For The Best Upcoming Future

The 21st century is steadily paving a way for a new type of education and we being one of the Best CBSE School in Delhi NCR are focusing on the three major genres of education which include reasoning, psychomotor and emotional learning.


Surprised! What art is there in questioning!!!

Surprised! What art is there in questioning!!!
Well, it is aptly said that if you want a correct answer, you should put up a right question.


Competition Tool For Imparting Education

Education and competition are the two inseparable parts of human culture. Like all other animals, human beings are also competitive by nature.


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