E Learning

‘Learning is not attained by chance. It must be sought for with ardour and attended to with diligence.’

At Sanskar World School along with the traditional technique, we have accepted the online learning method, and virtual schooling is beginning to play an important role. With this new revolution in IT arena, teaching can’t stay far behind. Almost all the top schools in India have accepted the e-learning and have put them in their curriculum. There is a fine blend of latest multimedia technology combined with the smart creativity of the teachers. Most subjects are integrated with technology and regular visits are scheduled to computer laboratories and audio - visual rooms.

We also use educational material by TEACH NEXT and EXTRA MARKS, different GOOGLE APPS for making learning more easy and entertaining. Each teacher is skilled in the use of computers and latest electronic teaching methods. Web based assignment are part of regular academic activity. Teachers are imparted training on regular basis to keep them abreast with latest development and additions of tools and techniques in this field.

Connecting classrooms are a norm at Sanskar World School. Regular skype session with our International partner schools are organized to make our learners aware of different ideologies, cultures, sensitivities and perceptions in different parts of the globe. Google Apps for Education is used extensively in class with Google share and Google live to give children first-hand experience of different concepts.

Technology based teaching learning and assessment methods are needs of changing times and we believe in keeping pace with it.