Logo Rationale

Every logo has a message to convey. At Sanskar World School our logo contains a book, which is spread towards the world. This book symbolizes a source of information. Our logo speaks of spreading knowledge to the world. We take pride in serving the world.

We have committed our self, to make our youngsters, mindful about the world. We accept the challenge to cultivate global mindedness amongst our learners, through association with the outer world.

The green colour on our logo designates stability and endurance, which gives perseverance and strength to cope up in adverse situation. The colour also speaks for life, nature and energy and points towards growth, harmony, freshness, fertility and hope. Birds on the other hand, speak of our mission of providing wings to our learners by empowering them with relevant skills. Moreover, our logo also says that, we serve others willingly, graciously and selflessly. We believe in giving and spreading knowledge because, there is greater pleasure in giving, than in receiving. By serving others, we serve god.